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From Chapter One.....

...Monger gave him a blank look to which Curly responded, "This is your temporary LIFE belt. Everything here is energy and harmonics and frequency compatibility and so on and so on. You'll learn more about this soon enough, if you want to. But for now you've just been fitted with a life force accelerator. Santa wanted to get you up to speed as soon as possible. Scotty's working on your custom fit now and it will be ready before takeoff." Monger was listening with one ear because he could feel changes coming over him. He knew now where he was, the North Pole. He knew everyone's name in the compound although, obviously, he had yet to meet anyone except Curly. He knew he was going with Santa on his trip this Christmas. It was as if his brain were being fed information at a terrific rate! And the belt felt so comfortable! He ran his hand over it. He could make a ton on this gizmo! This was going to be fun! Christmas was always the best time of year for him. It was when he made most of his money! Curly beckoned to him and touched his elbow as if to guide him. Monger instinctively shrank from the touch. He didn't like people tugging and pulling at him. He went WHERE he wanted to go, WHEN he wanted to go there, but a strange feeling came over him as if part of him now wanted to acquiesce to others' wishes. He felt like he had to say something. "I didn't bring anything with me, or if I did I can't seem to find it now." Curly smiled. "No, most people don't bring anything with them. Let's go. Santa wants you to go directly to the sleigh. We haven't much time." Santa? Sleigh? This operation sounded like it was right up his alley! Monger was looking forward to meeting this Santa Claus. That's where the power was and he wanted to be as close to the top as he could get, even if he had to follow this little squirt to get there.

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