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From Chapter One.....

        Far to Santa's rear at what would have been the back bend of the horseshoe shape a lone figure found himself just inside the shimmering dome wall that completely enveloped Santa's compound. Absentmindedly he rubbed his chest and looked down as if he expected to feel something. With a shrug he dropped his hand and raising his head scanned the compound with a cold hard stare as a predator might stare at its prey. He had no idea how he had gotten there or who had brought him or anything for that matter. He was just…… there. And about to be met by a small….elf, a little fellow with not a hint of a whisker on his head. "Monger? Stuart P. Monger?" The little fellow held out his hand. "Yes, I'm Monger, Vice President of…of…" He had no idea of what. But he did remember his name. "Who are you?" "I'm Curly. Here, first things first. Tie this around your waist." Curly handed him a wide black belt about three quarters of an inch thick and helped Monger fasten it around his waist. When Curly had cinched it tight he appeared to strum his fingers across a control pad that was attached to the belt strap that crossed his chest and disappeared over his shoulder. Monger heard an odd, almost rhythmical, sound and his own belt blinked on. For a few seconds the odd rhythm persisted, then stopped and a second rhythm started. This happened several times until finally with the help of another strumming movement on Curly's part, the rhythm seemed to catch. Curly, whose brow had wrinkled just a bit at the apparent inability to maintain the tune, nodded satisfactorily. "There, it took a few shots but I think you got it now. Usually doesn't take this long to get a fit." Curly shrugged. "Must be the drawdown."

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