Santa's Little Helper
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     So you think you know all about Santa, his elves and his reindeer? Oh really! Perhaps a jolly fat man who grew from a European legend many years ago does not have that much in common with you, other than an interesting tale you recount to children once a year. Besides, you've got too much on your mind to bother: people hammering you, deadlines at home and at work, kids not listening to you.

     OK. Since you're going to have to endure yet another seemingly interminable holiday season anyway, why not take a little time for a story about the real Santa Claus? You already know him - as well as all the other characters in this story. You see them everyday - in fact the odds are one of them is you! If reading about Santa Claus embarrasses you, no problema! Just download this late at night when you have some privacy. But leave yourself some flexibility and don't rush through it, because once you start reading you won't be able to stop. You'll remember your childhood Christmases, or your kids' Christmases and the memories will rekindle the realization that Christmas is truly the most wonderful and fantastic day of the year!


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